Photo credit: CC-licence, photo taken by Christian Córdova

Copenhagen, October 29, 2019

Guided tour of the Danish West-Indian warehouse

In the fall of 2019 as part of the seminar Colonial (Dis)appearances in the Art Museum, hosted by SMK (Statens Museum for Kunst), the National Gallery of Denmark, the curator Henrik Holm, curator of the Royal Cast Collection, housed at the former Danish West-Indian warehouse and under the auspices of SMK, gave a tour entitled “Art Walk With the Ghosts of the West Indian Warehouse” in which he lamented the idea to sell off the building which was for sale at the time of recording.

Since then discussions of creating a museum of colonial history in the building has been on the political agenda. See for instance this comment in the Danish newspaper Politiken (June 2020): “Nyt museum i København »er mere relevant end nogensinde«. Politikerne vil bare ikke bruge penge på det”.

For Danish readers I also recommend the article Det spøger i mørkets hjerte by I DO ART for a documentation of the place, including photos of the Danish West-Indian Company’s CEO room at the very top of the building.


Excerpt from a tour of the West-Indian Warehouse with curator Henrik Holm